Saturday, May 28, 2016

Straight High School Cock-Random Group-The Return of Cole

One thing you should know is that I don’t always get every straight guy I go after.  Some straight guys will turn be down cold, which usually makes me hunt them harder.  This works with some straight guys, and doesn’t with others.  I’d say my success rate with straight guys is 65-70%.  That’s good enough odds to keep me hunting.  Also, with most straight guys it’s a one-time deal.  However, sometimes they come back. 


It had been a few months since Cole and his friends had face-fucked me in front of my house and emptied their loads into my gut.  Since then, I had blown Danny from 700 East a couple of times, Vince a few more times, and Danny and Vince, Cole’s brother, one more time together.  The fall semester of college was getting ready to start, and I was looking forward to a new crop of straight guys on campus.


It was around eleven o’clock in the morning and I was outside washing my SUV.  My dogs were lying on the driveway, just out of spray distance from the hose.  All of a sudden they started barking, which meant either another dog(s) was being walked down the sidewalk in front of my house, or someone was in my driveway.  It proved to be the latter.


I looked up and saw Cole slowly walking down my driveway, his hands in the pockets of his shorts.  He had a burgundy red “MSU SOAR” T-shirt on, and a burgundy MSU baseball cap with the bear mascot on the front.  SOAR was a program sponsored by one of the local universities which gave perspective students and their families a tour of the university, getting them acquainted with the university for the coming semester.  From his apparel I deducted that Cole had been on one such tour.


Seeing Cole again instantly brought back the memory of him standing outside the back window of his car, while I was on my knees in the backseat, fucking his cock down my throat.  After that night I sort of thought I might see him again, but a lot of months had passed and I had almost given up hope.  Seeing Cole walking down my driveway brought back that hope 100%.


I continued washing my car as Cole got closer.  “Hey man,” he said as he stopped a few feet from me.  I stopped spraying my SUV and turned to look at him.  “Hey,” I said, still holding the hose, “How’s it going?”  “Ahhhh not too bad,” Cole replied back, “Just got finished with SOAR at MSU and thought I’d stop by to see what’s up…”  Cole and I talked bullshit for the next 10-15 minutes as I finished washing my SUV.  After the bullshit talking there was a lull of a few minutes.  “Soooo,” Cole finally said, seeming to build up enough courage to get to the point of why he was at my house.  “I was at Vince’s a while back an overheard an interesting conversation,” he continued.  “Oh yeah?” I said back to Cole.  “Yeah,” Cole went on, “Vince was in the garage, I opened the door to come out and heard him talking to somebody telling them how he’d bent some bitch over his work bench and fucked the hell out of ‘em…”  “He was talkin; ‘bout how the garage door was open an how the bitch didn’t care ‘cause they were gettin’ pounded so good!”  “Really,” I said, almost sure of where the conversation was going.  “Yup,” Cole answered back.  “Now Vince never referred to the bitch as a ‘she,’ and he talked about how the bitch’s ass was so ‘fuckin’ tight’…an it don’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Vince was fuckin’ a dude…”  “Yea?” I said to Cole, looking eye-to-eye with him.  “Yea,” Cole said continuing, “So the Cole Man put two an two together an I figured out that it was your ass Vince was tappin’ in his garage…am I right?”


I looked around mine and my neighbor’s yard and thankfully no one was outside.  “Well,” I said, looking back at Cole, “Let’s go inside and talk about this…I don’t want the whole neighborhood hearing our conversation.”  Cole laughed when I said this.  “Aight,” he said, talking his ball cap off, turning it around and putting it back on his head.  I laid the hose down, turned off the water, and put my dogs in the back yard.  I turned around and walked toward my back door.  Cole followed me through the door, into my kitchen, and closed the door behind him.


I went to my kitchen island and turned around to look at Cole.  He was standing probably six feet away from me.  I looked down at his crotch and could tell he was getting hard.  Cole still had his right hand in the pocket of his shorts, and I could see his hand move over and adjust his cock.  I watched as Cole took his hand out of his pocket, and used both hands to pull his T-shirt up to the waist of his shorts.  With his left hand holding the waist of his shorts, Cole’s right hand went to the top of his zipper and slowly began pulling it down.  The kitchen was quiet as Cole, staring at me, pulled his zipper all the way down.  Both of Cole’s hands reached inside his fly, moved around for a few seconds, then his right hand pulled out his cock.


Cole was hard, and his full 8 1/2 inches jutted out straight for a couple inches, then curved down slightly.  I watched as Cole’s hand jacked his cock back and forth a couple of times, and saw wetness glistening around his slit.  Slowly, Cole walked the few feet to the island, where I was still standing.  With his right hand still on his cock, Cole brought his left hand to my shoulder and started to push me down to my knees.  Now face to face with his cock, Cole rubbed the wet tip across my lips, down onto my chin, and back to my lips.


I opened my mouth and felt Cole push the head of his cock into my mouth and felt it slide across my tongue.  I opened my mouth wider, opened my throat and pushed my head toward Cole’s crotch.  His inches slid easily down my throat, and on the third time down I held him in my throat, slowly milking his shaft.  “Ahhhhh fuuuuck yesssss,” Cole moaned out, as his body tensed slightly.  I pulled his cock slowly from my throat, letting his head slide across my tongue again.  Cole’s pre-cum flowed easily from his head, and I could taste the sweetness on the back of my tongue as it slid down my throat.  After a few more throat massages, Cole put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back.  “I don’t wanna shoot down your throat, dude,” Cole said, his breathing low, “I want that ass…”


I got off my knees and stood up in front of Cole.  He quickly turned me around in front of the island, and I began unbuckling my belt, unsnapping and unzipping my shorts.  Once I had done this, I felt Cole’s hand go up the back of my shirt to the waistband of my shorts.  In one movement, Cole pulled my shorts and boxer briefs down and they fell around my ankles.  I brought my right leg out of my shorts and felt Cole’s hand push forward on my upper body, bending me over the kitchen island.  Instinctively I moved legs apart and braced myself for what was to come.


The next thing I felt was Cole rubbing the head of his hard cock up and down my ass crack.  He stopped in front of my hole, and I felt a warm wetness covering it.  He drug his cock head up my crack again, then pulled it back down.  Cole continued this movement for several seconds, until my entire crack was covered in warm, wet pre-jizz.  While Cole was doing this, I suddenly heard him say “perfect,” in a very low voice.  I thought he was talking about my ass, but then I saw him reaching his hand over my left shoulder and grab a bottle of olive oil that was on the island counter.


I heard wet movement behind me, and surmised that Cole was rubbing the olive oil onto his dick.  Then, I felt incredible slickness as Cole moved his cock up and down my crack again.  Cole stopped again at my hole, and I felt his swollen cock head start to push in.  “Ahhhhhhh Fuuuuuuuck…” Cole moaned out low, as he pushed his head in, popped through my ring, and followed with his shaft.  “Fuuuuck duuuude,” he moaned again, “That shit’s tight….”  Cole slowly fucked his cock into my ass, first going half-way in, then three-quarters, then fully.   He would draw out slow, then push back in until his full pubes were against my ass cheeks and his balls were slapping my taint.  I let Cole get use to the feeling of my tight ass, then I decided it was time to make his encounter even more memorable for him.


I waited until Cole was fully buried, then I clamped my ass muscles around his shaft, making it harder and tighter when he pulled out and fucked back in.  “HOLY FUCK!!!” Cole almost yelled, “DUDE…WHAT…THE…FUCK!!”  Cole moved his hands to my shoulders for balance and leverage and began to fuck in harder, now it not being so easy for him.  “Dude…FUUUUCK,” Cole moaned out again, “How the fuck is that so tight!!??”


Cole’s hard and thick 8 1/2 inches grinded into my hole with increasing speed.  His hands gripped my shoulders tighter as his swollen shaft went deep into my gut.  Cole’s breathing was short and hard, and I heard him move his legs farther apart as he fucked into me deeper.  His fucks were now coming in short, hard jabs, and his balls were no longer bouncing against my taint.  The roughness of his pubes scraped against my ass cheeks as Cole fucked me harder and harder.


“Shit…dude…,” Cole said after a few minutes of intense pounding, “SHIIIT…SHIIIT…SHIIIT…”  With one final hard fuck into me, Cole’s cock exploded.  With his hands gripping my shoulders hard and his cock fucked in as far as it would go, I felt my ass begin to flood with his seed.  The vein on Cole’s shaft must have been hyper swollen because I could feel it pump every 1-2 seconds as his jizz emptied into me.


Cole was breathing hard, quick and deep as his hands slowly released their grip on my shoulders.  His cock was still buried in my ass as he began to stand straight up.  A suction sound, from Cole slowly moving his cum covered cock in and out of my ass, filled my kitchen.  Cole finally pulled his cock all the way out of my ass, and I felt him wiping his shaft on my ass cheeks.  Slowly, I pushed myself up off my island counter, bent down and pulled my shorts and boxer briefs up.  As I was pulling up my shorts, I couldn’t remember hearing Cole take off his T-shirt or pull his own shorts down.   I turned around and began buckling my belt.  Cole was still standing there facing me, but had moved about a foot back.  I noticed that Cole still had on his MSU SOAR T-shirt and his ball cap, turned around backwards.  I also noticed that Cole was still wearing his shorts.  He was wearing his shorts and his cock was still sticking out of the fly.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Straight College Cock-Vince-Part II

Finally, Vince released my head and slowly pulled his still twitching cock out of my throat. His cock was wet and slimy, and a string of spit mixed with cum went from his cock slit to my mouth as he pulled away. I looked up at Vince, who was still wearing his sunglasses, and his face had no expression. His cock was still ¾ hard and he made no attempt to pull up his shorts and boxer briefs. I put my right hand on the top of the work bench to balance myself as I got up off my knees. I looked at Vince and he was still expression less. I looked at his cock again and it was in the same state. I wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand, and turned to walk out of the garage. “Where you going,” Vince finally spoke. “I haven’t nut since Celia left on Wednesday; that’s three days; I need to fuck…”

I was not expecting this. I wasn’t complaining, but I had to admit I was surprised Vince would be ready to go again. But when I looked down at his cock again, it had gone from ¾ hard to almost full-on. It was still wet from my spit and his cum, and was shiny in the light coming through the opened garage door.

Vince was still standing close to me, and it was easy for him to reach out and touch me. And that’s what he did. With his right hand he reach over, grabbed my waist and turned me around to face the work bench. With his hand still on my waist, Vince went up under my shirt to my belt. “unbuckle and pull ‘em down,” he said, “all the way.” I brought my hands up to my belt, unbuckled, unsnapped my shorts, and pulled them and my boxer briefs down. Once past my ass, my shorts fell easily to my ankles. “Get one leg out,” Vince said in a low voice, “and spread.” I pulled my right leg out of my shorts and boxer briefs, and spread my legs about a foot apart. “Wider,” Vince said, “spread wider.” I spread my legs another foot, then felt Vince’s hand push my upper body forward onto the work bench.

I heard movement behind me and soon felt Vince’s feet pushing against the inside of my own feet. I felt something lukewarm dripping on my ass, then felt Vince’s fingers run up and down my crack. I felt the dripping again, and realized it was his spit. I felt Vince’s feet slide up along mine, closer to the work bench, then felt the head of his cock against my ass. “Spread your ass,” Vince said, again in a low voice, “spread it so I can see your hole.” I moved my hands from the top of the work bench, put them on my ass cheeks, and spread them apart. My hole was now fully exposed to Vince, and I heard him let out a low groan.

I felt Vince put his cock head against my hole, then felt more spit. He ran the head of his swollen cock up and down my ass crack and couple of times, then put the head back against my hole. I heard Vince breath in deeply, then felt his head push into my hole. It was my turn to breath in deep, then I relaxed my hole around his engorged cock and my ass began to pull him in.

“Ahhhhhh fuuuuuck dude….,” Vince groaned out, “so fuckin’ tight….you’re fuckin’ pullin’ me in bro….what the fuuuck??” Vince was soon all the way in my ass, and I could feel his thick pubes brushing against my cheeks. He would pull out slowly, then my ass muscles would grip on to his thick shaft and pull him back in. Vince’s feet pushed against mine, making them go farther apart and spread my ass wider.

Vince moved his left hand to my head, pushed it to the side, and flat against the work bench. He placed his right hand on my shoulder and began to fuck my ass hard. All of Vince’s hard thick 8 inches was plowing deep into my hole, scraping roughly against my prostate. The scraping made my own hard cock leak a continual flow of pre-cum onto the garage floor. The work bench would shake and move with every hard thrust Vince made into my hole. I soon learned that Vince was the best kind of fucker; he fucked with his ass, not his whole body. Vince’s groans and my moans filled the entire garage, and I’m sure out into the driveway. I could hear noise coming from the street or the sidewalk, but didn’t really care who or what it was coming from.

I squeezed my ass muscles hard around Vince’s cock, forcing him to push in harder. “Fuuuck dude….what the fuuuck…how are you so fuckin’ tight….,” Vince would groan out as my ass squeezed harder around his swollen shaft. Vince’s hands were still on my head and shoulders, pushing down hard as he abused my ass over and over.

My hands were on the edge of the work bench for support as Vince plowed in harder and deeper. My legs were spread wide as he pistoned in and out. I took my right hand and moved it down to my own hard leaking cock. With just one stroke the pre-cum flowed out even harder, leaving a heavy pool on the garage floor. I’ve always been able to cum without touching myself while getting fucked, and I knew today would be no exception. I moved my hand from my cock, reached down lower, found Vince’s heavy hairy balls and began to rub. I rubbed his full balls and with my middle finger rubbed against the sweet spot just under his balls.

“FUUUUCK….WHA….WHAT….,” Vince almost yelled out. Vince’s pre-cum was leaking out of my hole and down to his balls, making them slick and wet. I continued to rub, then moved to hand up higher to the base of his cock. I placed my hand flat against the top of his balls and the base of his hard cock, feeling it going in and out of my hole. This was almost too much for Vince to take. “AHHHHH FUUUUUCK BRO…YOU LIKE FEELIN’ MY BIG COCK GOIN’ IN YOUR TIGHT HOLE…., “he groaned out, “FUCK YEA YOU DO….FUUUUCK YESSSSS…”

I kept my hand where it was, alternating between rubbing Vince’s tight balls and squeezing his shaft. This action made his cock grow harder and him fuck more aggressively. Over and over Vince pounded my used hole, making me move farther onto the work bench. Vince would pull me back closer to him with his hands, but after only a few fucks I would be in the same place again. Finally, I moved my hand from his balls and cock and braced myself again against the edge of the bench.

Vince’s fucking was getting slower and harder and I knew he was about to shoot. His groans were deeper and his verbal assaults was more frequent. Vince slowed down to a few hard thrusts, gripping my shoulder tight and pushing my head down hard. “I’M…..GONNA….FUCKIN’…..KNOCK….YOU….UP….,” he groaned out through clenched teeth. Vince pushed in hard one last time and held his cock in. “AHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUCK,” he yelled, “FUUUUUUUUCK….” Vince’s cock exploded for the second time in an hour, sending his straight seed bouncing off the walls of my hole to deep inside me. I could feel his legs shaking as he unloaded over and over again. I moved my right hand down to his balls again, and they were hard and tight against his body. Vince’s shaft was pulsing and throbbing as his seed shot into me. I kept my hand there and soon felt an overflow of cum run out of my hole, onto his shaft, and down to his balls. I kept rubbing, and Vince kept sending more jizz into me. The feel of Vince unloading into me sent my own cock into eruption. Without touching myself, my balls emptied seven shots under the work bench and onto the wall behind it.

Finally, Vince stopped pumping. His breathing was hard and short and he moved his hands from my head and shoulder and placed them on the work bench for support. Vince’s cock was still deep inside me, but I could tell his hardness was starting to go down. He stepped back a little, and I felt his cock pull out of my ass with an audible sound. Without even pushing, the excess cum Vince had dumped into me flowed out of my hole onto the garage floor. I stayed bent over the work bench, and heard Vince rustling with his shorts behind me. I pushed myself up and stepped back. I looked down at the garage floor, beneath where I’d just been fucked, and saw an area of pre-jizz and cum 6-7 inches around. I pulled my boxer briefs and shorts up, and buckled my belt. I turned around to look at Vince, and saw he was back by his mower, pushing it closer into the garage. He didn’t say a word as he parked the mower and began walking toward the door, into the house. Vince opened the door and started to go inside. About half way in, he turned around and looked at me, his sunglasses still covering his eyes. Not saying a word, Vince looked at me, smirked again, and closed the door behind him.

Straight College Cock-700 East-Vince

It had been two weeks since Cole, Jesse and Trent had blasted their loads down my throat in front of my house. School was keeping me busy, and the only dick I had sucked was Vince, Cole’s brother. Unlike my usual encounters, this one was totally unplanned and initiated by the straight guy.

It was early evening, cool, and I was taking my dogs for their walk. I had three dogs, all on the larger side, and I walked them separately as it was impossible to walk all of them at the same time. As I walked the first two, I noticed Vince was outside mowing his lawn. The first time I could hear the mower running in the back yard, and on the second walk he was on the other side of the house away from me. After finishing the walk with Marley, I hooked Max up and began walking down the driveway to the sidewalk. As I got closer to the corner, I saw Vince was now mowing his front yard. Shirtless, Vince was wearing black basketball shorts, white tennis shoes and sun glasses. He had virtually no hair on his chest, but the hair surrounding his navel gathered into a healthy dark blonde trail that disappeared under the waistband of his basketball shorts. I hadn’t seen Vince since the night of the homecoming party, and when I rounded the corner on the sidewalk he looked up from his mowing, looked at me and smirked. I continued walking down the sidewalk and when I was about in the middle of his house I turned around. Vince was standing in his front yard, mower running, with his hands on his hips. He still had the smirk on his face.

Max and I finished our walk, and I led him to the back yard and unhooked his leash. I walked up my driveway and sat on my front porch. In this position I had a clear shot of Vince and his front yard. Vince was mowing diagonally, so either his back or his front was facing me. On the second diagonal turn, Vince looked in my direction and saw me. I was too far away to see if he was still smirking, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if he was. Each time he finished a row and turned around, he looked in my direction. Vince finished the last row, facing me, cut the mower engine, and stood there looking at me. He looked at me for a couple of minutes, then turned to go into his garage. Getting about half-way to the garage opening, Vince turned around and walked back to his mower. He looked in my direction again, then put his right arm in the air and motioned for me to come over. I slowly walked down my porch steps, and up my driveway to the sidewalk. Vince was standing in the same position as I crossed the street, and walked the short distance down his driveway to where he stood.

“Hey man, what’s up?” I said when I got to Vince. Vince’s head nodded slowly up and down, as if he was looking me over behind his sunglasses. “Go in the garage,” he said in a low voice, “I need your mouth.” I looked into the cluttered garage and didn’t see much space to do anything. “Where at?,” I asked, not really seeing very much space. “Back by the work bench,” Vince responded, still in the low voice, “there’s room back there.” I looked into the garage again, and at the very back, by the door leading into the house, I saw the work bench. I walked in, and walked around stacked tubs, scattered boxes, and exercise equipment to the work bench. The bench was littered with various tools, rags, and a lamp that looked like someone was trying to re-wire. I stopped at the end of the bench, turned around, and saw Vince pushing the mower in. Once it was parked, Vince looked in my direction and walked toward me. Vince was standing beside me, his sunglasses still on. His head nodded up and down again, looking me over. Slowly, Vince brought his right hand up, put it on my shoulder and pushed down. Although we were in the back of the garage, the garage door was still open and there was plenty of light coming in. I was now on my knees in front of Vince, his crotch inches away from my face. “Are you going to close the garage door?,” I asked Vince, looking up at his, hesitating for a minute. “Why?,” he said, as he put his right hand on the back of my head and pulled me into him.

Vince’s crotch was hot from the mowing, and the nylon covering his lower body only intensified the heat. My mouth began to trace his bulge through his underwear and shorts, and Vince pulled my head in harder holding it against him. My mouth worked up and down Vince’s bulge, and it was wet from my tongue and spit. “Ahhhhh yea,” Vince moaned in a low voice, “that’s it….” I could feel his dick growing harder from my mouth, and he began moving my head up and down. Vince finally released my head a little, and I brought my hands up to the waistband of his basketball shorts. As I slowly pulled his shorts and boxer briefs down, I put my mouth against his heavy dark blonde trail. My tongue licked and sucked his hair down to his heavy full bush. I had pulled Vince’s shorts down to reveal about ¾ of his swollen cock, and it was pushing up hard under my chin while I buried my face in his pubes.

I moved down and wrapped my mouth around the base of Vince’s cock, and felt it twitch and jump. With my lips wrapped around the top of his cock base, I began to work down the length of Vince’s shaft, pulling his shorts down farther as I went. His shorts pulled down over his swollen head, and Vince’s cock pushed up strong against my lips. I was working my lips down to his cock head, when Vince pushed my head down and pushed his hard cock into my mouth. “Fuuuuck yesssss,” Vince groaned, as his cock slid into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat.

Vince grabbed my head with his left hand, while using his right hand to steady himself against the work bench. His hips thrust in slowly at first, sliding all his 8 inches across my tongue and into my throat. Vince’s shaft was hard and twitching, and wet from my spit and his leaking pre-cum. He began to steadily pick up his mouth fucking pace, now using both hands to send his cock down my throat. “Fuck….Fuck….Fuck….,” Vince groaned over and over, as he alternated fucking my throat and pushing his cock in and holding it there. Each time I would deep throat Vince’s cock and he would hold my head against his full pubes, my throat muscles would wrap around him and milk. I would bring my tongue out and run it across his full heavy balls, coating the hair that was growing on them with my spit. This technique was almost too much for Vince, as each time I would do this his “Fucks” got louder and his cock grew harder.

Vince was now full-on skull fucking me, and my nose was buried in his pubes over and over again. With each hard thrust into my throat, Vince would move his feet up onto his toes so he could push in harder. Vince’s hands gripped my head hard as he slammed his full thick 8 inches into my throat. Suddenly his paced slowed, and then picked up again at almost double speed. “I’m gonna fuckin’ shoot dude…,” Vince almost growled out, as he slammed into my throat one final time and held my head tight. “AHHHHHH FUUUUUUCK….FUUUUUUCK…..FUUUUUUCK….,” Vince yelled as his worked over cock exploded into my throat. I could feel his hot quick shots hit the sides of my throat and slide down. I couldn’t tell how much he was coming, but his hips thrust into my face at least six times. Vince held my head tight as he unloaded into my gut, and I breathed easily through my nose. I didn’t even have to swallow as the loads shot straight into my stomach.

Finally, Vince released my head and slowly pulled his still twitching cock out of my throat. His cock was wet and slimy, and a string of spit mixed with cum went from his cock slit to my mouth as he pulled away. I looked up at Vince, who was still wearing his sunglasses, and his face had no expression. His cock was still ¾ hard and he made no attempt to pull up his shorts and boxer briefs. I put my right hand on the top of the work bench to balance myself as I got up off my knees. I looked at Vince and he was still expression less. I looked at his cock again and it was in the same state. I wiped my mouth off with the back of my hand, and turned to walk out of the garage. “Where you going,” Vince finally spoke. “I haven’t nut since Celia left on Wednesday; that’s three days; I need to fuck…”

Friday, May 20, 2016

Straight High School Cock--Random Group

Homecoming weekend was always huge in the city where I attended college.  The house parties started early on Saturday morning and lasted into Sunday morning.  My house was only a few blocks from campus, and although there was only one rental house on my block, there were several in the block just east of me.  I had become friendly with the guys who lived in the house on the corner, the rental house, and in fact had blown two of them (Danny and Vince) in the alley behind their house. So with homecoming weekend here, the guys had planned a huge party and had invited me to attend. Having seen the friends they ran with, I anticipated a lot of straight guys at the party.  Straight guys with straight cocks.  And the odds were in my favor that I would get to give at least one blowjob that night.  But giving head to a straight college guy was not going to be in the cards for me that night. What transpired was even better.

Although the guys who lived at 700 East could party with the best of them, they had a strict policy: no underage drinking and no drugs.  No drugs of any kind were allowed in their house or at their parties.  I respected them for this.  I had never been into drugs, even pot, and through the years had found that it usually fucked people up pretty good.  I also respected their policy on no underage drinking.  The city had recently really cracked down on parties where underage drinking was going on, and the guys didn't want to take any chances with getting in trouble.

The homecoming game started at 11:00, but the parties started way earlier.  I didn't attend the game, and when people started coming to 700 East around 1:00 I decided I'd go over around 2:00.  By the time I got there, the backyard was full and the house was filling up.  I put my beers in one of the empty iced coolers, grabbed one, and headed to the backyard.  I recognized a lot of the guys, from seeing them come and go to the house in the past.  I talked to a lot of them, but no one guy really caught my attention.  Contrary to what you might think, I don't just get on my knees for the first straight guy that comes along. Something has to click with me for me to go after the guy.  I can't tell you what it is, but it's like a switch that clicks and I know this is the straight guy who's dick I'm going to suck.  So far, that switch wasn't being clicked.

As the afternoon faded and it began to get dark, people started to leave.  With no new guys coming to the party, my chances for sucking straight cock were fading like the sun.  Sometime after it got dark I was standing with Vince and a couple other guys in the backyard.  I don't even remember what we were talking about.  I'm sure it was random bullshit though.  Vince was facing the street when all of a sudden he said "Shit, what's he doing here?"  We all turned to look at who he was talking about and saw three guys, young guys, heading toward our group.  The first thing I noticed about the three was how they looked.  They all had that jock-look to them.  Good builds, confident walks, and my main weakness; baseball caps.  Two of the guys were definitely hot, and the thirds was nice looking just not as hot as the other two.  Vince stepped away from our group and met them about four feet from us.  It wasn't hard to overhear the conversation.  Vince:  "Cole, what are you doing here?  I told you, you couldn't come."  The guy Vince was talking to:  "Awww come on man, just let us stay for a little one'll even know we're here."  Vince:  "No.  You guys need to"  Guy:  "Fuck man....can't believe you're doing this to your own brother!"  Brother?  That was Vince's brother?

Vince left the guys and walked back over to our group.  I watched as the three guys left the backyard and walked in the direction they had come.  When Vince got back, one of the guys said, "Was that your brother?"  "Yeah," Vince said, "he thought he and his friends could come party.  Fuck they're still in high school and they know the house rules..."  High school? Three high school guys?  Fuck.

The rest of the evening at the party was very uneventful.  No new straight guys came to the party, and by 9:30 I was headed home.  The day seemed like a total bust and I have to admit I was a little down about it.  I couldn't have been more wrong.

I lived about a half block from 700 East, and made the short walk to my house.  As I walked toward my house, I noticed a white car parked in the street directly in front.  As I got closer, I also noticed what looked like lighters being used in the car.  At first I thought the occupants were lighting cigarettes, but I noticed the flames stayed on too long for them to be lighting cigarettes.  Then the odor hit me.  The odor I had smelled many times at many parties.  The people in the car were smoking pot.  My driveway was on the other side of the car, so I had to walk past it to get to my house.  There was a street light about 20 feet west of my driveway, and the area was well lit.  I intentionally walked past the car slow, so I could see who was inside.  As I passed the car, the passenger window rolled down. "Hey man," the person said, "what's up?"  I looked at the person and recognized them immediately.  It was Cole, Vince's brother.  "Hey, how's it going?," I asked.  "Ahhh we're just sittin' here enjoying a little herb...haha," Cole laughed, obviously stoned.  "Have you been here since you left the party?," I asked.  "Ummm yeah haha," he answered back, "figured this was as good a place as any to enjoy haha...right bro's?"  The driver and the passenger in the back both answered back with stoned "fuck yea's."  "So bro...," Cole said to me, "you wanna smoke a little?"  I quickly surveyed the situation that was presenting itself:  three high school guys; two of them very hot, one of them definitely above average; all three of them stoned.  The night was definitely picking up.

"So whatta ya say bro, haha," Cole asked in a drawn out stoner voice.  "Yea," I said looking directly at Cole, "I'm not much on smokin' weed, but I tell ya guys can smoke it up all you want."  Then I added, "And I'll smoke you..."  The driver, Jesse, and Trent, the guy in the backseat, immediately started laughing.  "Dude," Jesse said to Trent, "he wants to smoke us...hahahaha..."  It took longer for my statement to penetrate the pot haze surrounding Cole's brain.  "Ummm yea...haha," Cole said half laughing and half stoner voice, "I don't know what you mean..."  Jesse and Trent started laughing again.  "Bro," Jesse said, "the dude wants to smoke our poles...suck our dicks..."  Again, it took time for what Jesse said to reach Cole's brain.  "Oh," Cole said at first, still obviously confused.  Then, "Ohhhhhhh," he said half smiling and laughing.  "Yea, I bet you do," Cole began, "but I ain't gay bro."  "I'm not gay either man," I said back to him, "but if that kush affects you the same way it does me, you're probably thinking a warm talented mouth would feel pretty good on your dick right about I right?"  "Ummm, well yea," Cole said, "the smoke always does seem to go straight to my junk, but you're a dude!"  "Yea, I am," I told him back, "I'm a dude who loves pussy, but I'm also a dude who likes getting his mouth wrapped around a nice dick every now and then...just to help a bro out."  Cole looked a little confused, still not totally sure of what was taking place.  "Just not really down with that stuff ya know," Cole said.  Then he added laughing, "but find me a chick and she can swallow what I got for as long as she can take it!"
Suddenly I heard a noise from the back seat and the car door open.  "Fuck I'll do it," Trent said as he got out of the car.  "I'm horny as shit.  Hell a mouth's a mouth, it's dark, and I'll just pretend it's Amber."  Before Trent got around to the passenger side of the car, Jesse opened the driver's door. 
"Fuck, if Trent's gonna do it," Jesse said as he got out and started walking around in front of the car, "I'm gonna watch!"

Trent still had a blunt in his hand as he leaned back against the back door on the passenger side of the car; only a couple of feet from Cole.  Trent's left hand went down to his crotch and started rubbing.  From the street light in front of my neighbor's house I could tell he was already hard.  "Here ya go dude," Trent said, taking a hit off his blunt, "you wanted a pole to smoke, come and get it."  I walked the couple of feet to stand in front of Trent, and got down on my knees in the cool grass.  He moved his hand away as my own hand went up and began rubbing the front of Trent's shorts.  He was definitely hard, and from what I could feel he had a nice size dick.  I started to unbuckle his belt, but Trent brought his hand over and stopped me.  "Nah dude," he said, "just unzip me an do it; I don't wanna be bare-assed out here."  I reached up and pulled Trent's zipper down, and his bulge jutted out through his open fly.  He was wearing boxers and I rubbed the front, feeling his hardness with my hand.  There was one button on the fly of Trent's boxers and I quickly undid it.  With my right hand I pushed inside Trent's boxer fly, feeling his still growing cock.  "Ahhhhhh," Trent breathed out as my hand pulled his cock through his fly.  I looked up, and even though it was somewhat dark, I could see Trent's head leaned back against his shoulders.  Trent's cock was a good seven inches, and his dark brown pubes pushed through his fly at the base.  With my hand wrapped around it, I stroked Trent's cock a couple of times, and watched as a drop of pre-cum oozed out.  I bent forward and licked the pre-cum off the head of his cock, and felt a shiver go through Trent's body.  "Ahhhhh fuck," Trent said, "yesssss..."

Trent brought his hand to his cock and pushed mine away.  Grabbing it by the base, he aimed his cock at my lips and pushed forward.  The pre-jizz covered head of his cock hit my lips and I opened my mouth taking it in.  Not content with the just the head in my mouth, Trent pushed in deeper until his slimy cock head was pushing against the back of my throat.  I closed my mouth around Trent's hard shaft, opened my throat, and let him go all the way in on the first push, his hand quickly moving out of the way.  "FUUUCK," Trent said, not trying to hide his amazement, "he took my cock all the way down first try!...FUCK!!"  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the blunt Trent was smoking fly to the grass below, as he flicked from his hand.  He quickly put both hands on the back of my head, and began long quick fucks into my throat.  "Goddamn this shit's amazing," Trent panted, as he long-fucked my throat over and over again.  Jesse and Cole weren't saying anything, but I could hear slapping to my right, and I figured Jesse was jacking his cock.

Trent's cock grew hard and deeper in my mouth and throat, and I knew he was getting close.  His pre-jizz flowed heavily to the back of my throat and down into my belly.  I felt Trent's grip on my head get harder and his mouth fucks became shorter and more intense.  "Shit I'm gonna blow dude...," he said through clenched teeth, "I'm fuckin gonna blow!!"  After two more hard throat thrusts, I felt the first shots hitting the back of throat.  Trent pulled my head in hard flat against his pubes, and held his cock in my mouth while he emptied into my gut.  A total of five warm thick load shots coated my throat and slid down into my stomach.  Trent's legs were shaking as he held his spent cock in my mouth, and I could feel him loose his hardness.  Finally, Trent pushed my head back and pulled his cock from my mouth.  His breathing was heavy as he leaned back against the car, and cock was twitching in front of me.  "Fuck," he said, still trying to catch his breath, "just fuck..."

Jesse and Cole still had not said anything, and I looked over at Jesse standing only a couple of feet away.  He was, in fact, jacking his cock and he walked over to me with an almost dazed look in his eyes.  Jesse's cock looked smaller than Trent's, but it also looked thicker and was harder.  His thick blonde pubes were almost invisible in the darkness, but the street light did provide some view.  Jesse was now standing directly in front of me, still jacking.  "Open your mouth and stick out your tongue," he said in a low hard voice.  I did as Jesse asked, expecting him to shove his hard thick cock into my mouth.  Instead, he stopped jacking and began sliding his hard shaft across my tongue, to the back of my throat, then sliding back again.  I couldn't taste any pre-jizz as Jesse did this, but his cock felt hot against my tongue.  I looked up at him and saw Jesse staring back at me, continuing to slide his pole into my mouth and back again.  Jesse picked up his pace and now began to jack his cock as he slid it across my tongue.  I could hear his breathing get shorter and saw his stomach quickly going in and out.  "Keep your tongue out," Jesse grunted, still breathing hard as he pushed his cock down and across my tongue.  His jacking picked up speed as did the pressure of his dick on my tongue.  "FUCK....FUCK....FUCK...," Jesse suddenly said, right before I felt his cock explode onto my tongue.  He kept jacking and shooting, and saying "FUCK," as he unloaded his high school cum into my mouth.  I stopped counting after five shots, but I know he had at least three more.  "Swallow then stick your tongue back out," Jesse said when he finally stopped shooting.  I did as he asked, and Jesse squeezed out his last drops of cum onto my tongue.  "Swallow, back out," he said again.  This time Jesse put his cock head on the back of my tongue, and slid it forward, completely cleaning his cock of all his cum.  He wiped it two or three times on the tip of my tongue, to make sure all his cum was gone.  When he was finally finished, I heard Jesse chuckle.  "Yea," he said as I looked up at him, "you're pretty good dude..."

Cole was still sitting in the car, in the passenger seat, and still hadn't said anything.  "You're the last one dude," Trent said, obviously to Cole, "you're gonna love that shit!"  Cole didn't say anything, but I could see him looking at Trent, then at Jesse, then at me.  Slowly, Cole opened the passenger door and stepped out onto the grassy curb.  He left the door to the car open.  "Get in," Cole said, pointing to the car and looking at me.  "Get in and close the door."  I walked to the car, slid in, and closed the door.  I noticed that the passenger side window was still down.  Cole walked over to the car and stood in front of the window for a couple of minutes.  I watched as he undid his belt, unbuttoned and unzipped his shorts, and pulled them and his boxer briefs down in one pull.  Cole then pulled his T-shirt up, and what I saw was almost too good to be true.  Cole's cock was a good 8 1/2 inches hard, thick, and had a slight downward curve to it.  His dark blonde pubes were thick and heavy around his cock base, and grew upward to a perfect treasure trail.  Taking it all in, I had to admit to myself that it had been awhile since I had seen such a perfect cock on a high school kid.  And it was perfect.  Cole's voice brought me out of my admiring stage.  "You wanna smoke a pole bro," I heard him say outside the car, "let's see how you do smoking this bad boy..."
Cole stood at the car window with his legs pressing against the door.  His cock twitched as I leaned forward to it, already sticking my tongue out.  When my tongue touched the underside of his cock head, Cole's cock jerked up hard, hitting against my nose.  He leaned his hips more forward into the car window, pushing his rock hard cock harder into my face.  "Put your fuckin' mouth on it bro," I heard Cole say, "get it in there..."  I opened my mouth, putting my lips just below his cock head.  My tongue slid over and around the hot head, causing the entire shaft to twitch and jerk.  Cole wasted no time as he pushed his cock into my mouth, going to at least half his 8 1/2 inch length.  His cock was hot and hard, and I worked my tongue up, down, and around his shaft until it was coated with a mixture of my warm spit and his oozing pre-cum.  I heard Cole groan slightly as he continued to push more of his cock into my mouth, and my tongue coated more of his shaft.  "Hold your head still," I heard Cole say in a low deep voice, "I'm gonna fuck your face."
I was on all fours in the backseat and I braced myself with hands against the bench seat, ready for the mouth fuck.  Cole started slow, then picked up his pace as his hard slick cock went deeper into my throat, his downward curve making it easy to slide down.  "Ahhhhh fuck yea," Cole groaned, "just like that dude....just like that..."  Cole's cock slid past the back of tongue and rubbed against my throat.  I moved my head closer to the car window and felt his cock slide past the back of my throat and go down into it.  When Cole's cock hit my throat he groaned again.  "FUCK YESSSS," he moaned, "OHHHH FUUUCK YESSS!!"  Cole picked up his pace of fucking my throat and I could hear his hands moving across the roof of the car trying to steady himself.  Unsuccessful, Cole brought his hands inside the top of the window, turned them over, and gripped the top of the door.  Cole's cock was now going balls deep into my throat, and my each time my nose was being buried in his full, thick blonde pubes.  He continued to fuck in harder, leaving my throat heavily coated with his thick pre-cum.  Three different times Cole shoved his hard wet cock all the way down my throat and held it there.  Each time, instinctively, I brought my tongue out and licked his tight balls as his cock twitched and pulsed in my throat.  "Fuuuuck dude...that tongue though!!," Cole would moan, as more pre-cum slid down my throat.  After the final time he buried his cock in my throat, Cole picked up his pace even more.  "I'm gonna nut dude," he said through clenched teeth, "I'm gonna fuckin nut down your throat..."  Cole shoved in hard three more times, then held his cock in my throat.  My throat muscles clamped around his swollen shaft and began milking.  The vein on the underside of Cole's cock was hard, and then began to pulse.  I reached my right up to feel his balls, and they were tight and hard.  I began to rub between Cole's two balls, going underneath to the sweet spot.  This sent him over the edge.  "FUUUCK HERE IT COMES...," he almost yelled, as he held his cock hard in my throat.  "FUUUUUUUCK!!!!"  Cole's cum blasted out of his swollen cock and went straight into my gut.  His cock twitched and jerked as shot after shot fired out of his fat head.  I didn't even need to swallow, the cum was shooting at such a fast rate.  Cole was still gripping the top of the car door hard as the last of his load emptied into my throat.  His breathing was hard and heavy as he left his cock in my throat, trying to regain his composure. 
Finally, Cole pushed himself away from the car door, pulling his cock out of my throat and mouth.  His right hand went to his semi-hard cock, grabbed the base, and squeezed the last drop of cum out and onto the grass.  His legs not totally steady yet, Cole stepped back a little trying to balance himself.  He reached down and pulled up his boxer briefs and shorts, and tightened his belt.  I opened the car door on the street side, got out, closed the door, and walked around to the grass.  By the time I got there, Cole, Jesse and Trent were on the sidewalk headed back to Vince's house.  As I followed them down the sidewalk to the front of my driveway, I heard the boys talking.  "Damn that dude was hungry dick sucker!," Trent said with a laugh.  Jesse and Cole both laughed in agreement.  I stood in the middle of my driveway and watched as they crossed the street to Vince's house.  Cole was a little behind the other two, and when he got to the middle of the street he turned around to look at me.  He looked at me for a couple of seconds, then cocked his head upward to me.  I returned the gesture, then turned and walked down my driveway to my front porch.  Something told me I just might be seeing Cole again.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Straight High School Cock--Number 6

One of the things I truly enjoy is the hunt. Finding a straight guy and manipulating him to the point where he can’t wait for me to get on his cock. This is usually a long process and patience is a must. It can take weeks, and in a few instances, months for this to happen. However, sometimes it only takes a few hours. This is one such story.

We were down one run but it was only the bottom of the fifth so we still had a chance. Sports in a small town is an essential part of growing up. And if you played sports, you were golden. And in the town I grew up in, if you played baseball you were kings. So far we were undefeated for the season. Our biggest competition was the Wildcats, a high school team about 45 miles away. Six teams were scheduled to play that day, and it was customary for the teams to watch all the games. Our team and the Wildcats were the first teams to play. Playing first base, I had a perfect view of the game. And of the players on the Wildcats team.

Number 6 had caught my eye since I saw the team walk into their dugout. He had that swagger that was a mixture of being cocky and self-assured while carrying around a big dick. However, an inspection of his crotch didn’t relay the same message. Number 6 was tall and thin and his black hair underneath his baseball cap stood out in contrast against the bright gold color of his cap. I could tell he was popular because his teammates were constantly talking to him and slapping him on the shoulder or on the back.

We took to the field first and easily eliminated the first two batters. The third batter scored a double. Then Number 6 came up. He hit the ball to our shortstop. He fumbled the ball and threw it to me too late. Number 6 was safe at first. This gave me a prime opportunity to get a close-up look. The first thing I noticed was his smirk. I’d seen it before and knew it well. Total top of the heap jock who all the guys wanted as their best friend, and all the girls wanted as their boyfriend. Then his eyes. Even though the bill of his cap was pulled down almost covering them, I could still see their blueness. A sharp vivid blue that was easily detectable through the shading of the bill.

At his time on first base, Number 6 noticed I was looking at him, and his smirk became more obvious. Then their next batter hit a pop-up and the Wildcats were out. When they took to the field, Number 6 went to his position; first base. Interesting. When I came up to bat I hit a single. I would single four more times during the game, each time giving me an opportunity to get a closer look at Number 6. And each time he saw me looking.

We didn’t score any runs in the fifth or sixth innings, and we were still down by one. At the top of the seventh inning, with two outs, I hit a double which brought a runner home. Now we were tied. Our next batter struck out. We held the Wildcats off and struck out their first two batters. Then Number 6 came up. It was a full count and we were prepared to go into extra innings. The pitch, the hit, and my team watched as Number 6’s ball sailed easily over the right field fence. The Wildcats had won by one run. As he slowly rounded first base, Number 6 looked directly at me. “Hehe,” I heard him say as he passed me. I followed him with my eyes, and before he rounded second he turned and looked at me. He did the same as he rounded third and headed home.


It’d become routine for me and my best friend Matt to get together after every game. Whether it was in the bathrooms at the other team’s field or in our trucks at a home game, we both looked forward to him shoving his cock down my throat for a quick blow. The build up to these after-game blows was intense, and it usually didn’t take Matt long to shoot his load down my throat. Today was no exception. When our game was over, Matt and I walked to a set of bathrooms a couple of fields away from where we had played. This was usually our game plan because we didn’t want to use a bathroom close to where we played to lower the risk of getting caught. And since no games were being played at the field next to these bathrooms, it was a pretty sure bet.

Matt followed me in and I walked to the last stall. As soon as he’d closed and locked the stall door Matt pushed me down to my knees. “Fuck Sam,” he said almost growling, “get on it dude.” I pulled Matt’s baseball pants and boxer briefs down quickly and saw that his hard cock had pushed his cup way out. I pulled the cup down and his thick rod slapped under my chin. Matt was leaking fiercely and there was a string of pre-cum going from his cock head to the inside of his cup. I broke the string with my tongue, opened my mouth, and Matt shoved his hard cock balls deep into my throat.

“Fuuuck yesss,” Matt groaned as the underside of his cock slide the length of my tongue and down my throat. “Fuuucckk yesssss!” With both his hands on my head, Matt pushed into my throat with slow even fucks. He was always blue steel hard after a game, which made his throat fucks even easier. He seemed harder today though with more pre-cum than usual, so I knew he wouldn’t last long. It seemed like we’d just got started, when Matt’s cock got harder and grew thicker in my mouth. He gripped my head tight and his thrusts got quick and hard. “Fuck I can’t hold it Sam,” he groaned through clenched teeth. “I can’t fuckin’ hold it….” As soon as he got the last word out I felt the first shot of his hot wet load hit the back of my throat. Matt gripped my head tighter with his hands, shoved his hard shooting cock as far as he could into my throat, and held it there while he fired off four more explosive shots. I swallowed quickly as the loads slid down my throat, wishing he hadn’t cum so quickly. Matt began to pull his half hard cock from my throat, and I wrapped my tongue around the shaft to clean it on the way out. He groaned again as the last drops of his load dropped onto my tongue.

We quickly got ourselves “together,” and Matt opened the stall door and walked out into the bathroom. “I have to piss,” I yelled to him, “I’ll catch up with you.” Matt didn’t reply, but I heard the bathroom door close on his way out. I also heard a noise after the door closed.

I finished pissing, buttoned up, opened the stall door and walked out into the bathroom. That’s when I saw him leaning against the sinks, legs crossed at his ankles, and arms folded across his chest; Number 6. Number 6 and his smirk.

“What’s up 18?” he said, alluding to my team number on the back of my jersey. “Not much,” I said, kind of in shock that he was standing there. “Just takin’ a piss after the game.” “Takin’ a piss?,” he smirked looking right at me. “Takin’ a piss an takin’ your bud’s dick!,” laughing when he said it. “I figured you were a fag when you were checkin’ me out on the field…then I follow you in here and find you slurpin’ down a dick!” “I’m not a fag,” I said back to him, “I just…” “Then what you doing in here with a mouthful of dick?,” he said, cutting me off. Before I could answer, I watched as Number 6 uncrossed his arms and moved his right hand to grab his crotch. “If a mouthful of dick is what you want,” he said still holding his junk, “then I got more than a mouthful right here for you.”

I figured Number 6 was enjoying himself, thinking he was playing with me. Now it was time to play with him a little. 

“Thanks for the offer,” I said to him, “but I don’t do gay guys…” Number 6’s smirk immediately disappeared when I said this, and he shot straight off the counter to stand upright. “I ain’t no fag,” he said through almost clenched teeth, “ I get more pussy than a fuckin’ porn star!” “If you get so much pussy,” I shot back, “then why you in here wantin’ me to suck your dick?” He was silent for a little bit and had a quizzed look on his face. “Cause winning a game always gets me going,” he finally said, “and my girl didn’t come today…so I guess that leaves you…” The smirk returned to his face as he reached down and began rubbing his crotch. I just stood and watched, and his hand went up and unsnapped his uniform pants. I continued watching as he worked the zipper down then put his hand inside his jock cup. “I got a lot of meat here,” he said as he leaned against the sinks and his hand moved around inside his cup. I finally looked up at his face and his eyes were intense, but the rest of his face was expressionless. “Yeah?,” I asked slowly. “Yeah,” he said, drawing the word out, “a lot…”

I walked over to Number 6 and was about to get on my knees when I realized where we were. “Wait,” I said, “we need to go somewhere else…I don’t wanna get caught.” “No worries,” he said as he put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down, “I locked the door when I came in.”

Once on my knees, I put my hands on the waist band of Number 6’s uniform pants and jock and pulled down. The trail that led to his pubes was thick and curly. I continued to pull down and his full dark brown pubes were exposed. Hairy guys like that are such a turn-on for me and I moved one hand over to run through it. Above me I could hear Number 6 suck in air. I moved my hand back to the waist bands and continued to pull down. The base of his cock appeared, thick and almost hidden by his pubes. I pulled farther and more of his shaft became exposed. It continued to be thick and I could see it was throbbing a little. I pulled farther, thinking the ridge around his cock head would be exposed, but it wasn’t; only more of his thick hard shaft. By now I had a good 8 inches of his fat shaft exposed and still no cock head. I pulled down about another 2 inches, and his head finally popped out. Amazed, I leaned back to look at it. 10 full inches of hard cock surrounded at its base by pubes that were thick and dark brown. “Goddamn,” I said, barely above a whisper, “goddamn.” Number 6’s smirk was audible this time, followed by a short laugh. “I told you I had a lot of meat…”

Number 6’s cock was angled away from his body. Not 45 degrees, but in between. I bent my head down, opened my mouth and took the swollen head in. The head was the size of a small plum and filled my mouth. I ran my tongue underneath his head, where the ridge meets and it’s most sensitive. He moaned loudly and I felt pre-cum leak out and fall on the back of my tongue. “Fuck yea 18,” he moaned, “fuuuck yea…” I let my mouth get adjusted to the thickness of his cock head and his shaft below, then I slowly took more in. His pre-cummed head hit the back of my throat and began to slide down. “Ahhhh fuck 18,” he moaned, “keep going…” Number 6’s hand came up to the back of head and began pushing it down. I took a large breath of air, opened up my throat, and let him push in. “Jesus FUCK,” he moaned louder as his hard cock worked its way down my throat, “FUUUCK.’

With Number 6’s cock about ¾ of the way down my throat he stopped and began pulling it out. His other hand was now on my head and when his cock head reached the back of my throat he pushed back in. The thickness of Number 6’s cock made it almost impossible for me to do anything besides let him fuck my throat. So for about 5 minutes that’s what he did. With my head gripped tight by his hands, Number 6 fucked his hard thick 10 inch cock in and out of my throat. Then he stopped. Confused, I looked up at him. He was looking right at me, his eyes intense again. “Enough of your throat,” he said, his voice low and hard, “I want your cunt.”

I don’t usually let guys fuck me. I don’t have anything against it, I just usually prefer they use my mouth instead of my ass. And Number 6 was big. Real big. “I dunno,” I said, “you’re really big.” “Yeah I am,” he said with a big smile on his face, “I’ll show ya how easy 6 goes into 18!” Soon as he said it Number 6 put his hands under my arm pits and lifted me up, and immediately turned me around so I was facing the mirrors above the sink. His hands moved quickly as he reached up and pulled my uniform pants and jock down to my knees. With his foot, Number 6 reached up between my legs and pushed my pants and jock down to my ankles, then spread my legs as far as he could. I could feel his cock push against my ass as he reached toward the sinks and squirted some hand soap into his hand. I could hear him rubbing the soap on his cock, then heard him say, “spread your cheeks and open that cunt for me…”

With both hands I reached behind me, grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I was kind of nervous doing it because I didn’t have anything to brace myself with in case Number 6 decided to push in right away. I had reason to be nervous. I felt Number 6 slide his cock once up and down my crack, felt his plum-size head at my hole, then felt him push in. Hard.

The force of his first fuck brought my feet up to their toes. I immediately moved my hands from my ass to the top of the sink counter so I could brace myself. “FUUUUCK,” Number 6 moaned loudly as he pushed almost all the way in. “That’s a tight fuckin’ cunt you got 18!” My arms were locked bracing myself as Number 6 pulled out then pushed back in hard. I felt his hard thick shaft deep in my gut as I tilted my head back and moaned loudly. “Fuck that feels so good, man,” I moaned as Number 6’s fat cock assaulted my hole. I felt his hands move from my waist to the top of my shoulders as Number 6 picked up speed to split my ass even wider. I looked in the mirror and saw me in my ball cap and jersey with “18” on it, and him behind me in his cap and jersey with “6” holding my shoulders fucking me hard.

As Number 6 continued to pound my hole, I could feel his hard cock scrape across my prostate almost sending me over the edge. This action had caused my own cock to leak out a huge puddle of pre-cum onto the top of the sink counter. With every hard fuck I got from Number 6 my cock would slide through the pre-cum and ooze out more. Number 6’s fucks were now hard and short and I could tell we were both close to blowing our load. But I was going to get there first. I knew I was going to cum hands free because I didn’t want to unbrace myself. My words were short and almost breathless as Number 6 continued to pound and I told him I was about to shoot. “Fuck…dude…I’m…gonna…cum…” This made him fuck in harder and on his fourth hard thrust I blew. “FUUUUCK DUUUDE,” I yelled as my load shot out of my cock coating the section of the counter where I was getting bred. I felt my hole grab tight around Number 6’s thick cock and with each of my five shots he moaned louder. “Fuuuck 18,” he moaned, “you’re squeezing my dick so hard…” “so hard I’m gonna…” And then he unloaded. “FUUUUUCK….TAKE MY FUCKIN LOAD BITCH….”

I could feel Number 6’s shaft get thicker, stretching my hole even more. I felt his load shoot out of his cock head and hit the deep walls of my ass. He stopped fucking for a few seconds, then picked up hard and fast sending more of his breeder load into me. “awwwww fuck….fuck….fuck….,” Number 6 kept saying over and over until his balls were drained of their load.

Exhausted, I leaned my body over the sink counter and felt the cool wetness of my load cover my stomach. Number 6 kept his cock in me for a couple minutes, then I felt him pull out. I was too exhausted to really move, so I stayed in that position and heard him rustling with his clothes. I finally moved my arms, lifted myself off the counter and turned around. Number 6 was almost to the door and my pants and jock were still around my ankles. I quickly pulled them up as I watched him reach up and unlock the bathroom door. Number 6 pulled the door open, then stopped and turned and looked at me. The smirk he had was gone and there was a smile instead. “I told you 6 goes into 18 real easy,” he said. “Yeah, real easy.”


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Straight High School Cock--Cameron--Part II

After a few minutes of silence, Bart spoke. “Ok, here’s the plan…my uncle lives about a quarter mile down 174...where we turned off…I’ll walk to his house and get some gas.” “Cause I’m sure not walkin all fuckin way into town!” We all got out of the truck and Bart looked at his watch. “It shouldn’t take me too long,” he said, “You guys enjoy some brew and I’ll be back in a few…” Bart turned the headlights off, but there was a full moon that lit up the road and woods around us. Cameron grabbed the cooler from the bed of the truck, carried it to the back, pulled the tailgate down, and threw the cooler on the tailgate.

Cameron yelled out as the first three shots pistoned out of his swollen shaft, forcefully hitting the back of my throat, and racing into my gut. I clamped my throat muscles hard around his thick rod, milking his shaft as more shots fired out. “FUUUUCCCKKK…,” Cameron yelled over and over again as his heavy balls emptied into my stomach. He tried to slowly pull out, but his cock was locked in my throat. Cameron’s groans turned to whimpers as my throat continued to milk his shaft. “Fuck….dude….so sensitive…fuck…,” he said in a low voice. “Ahhhh….fuuuccckkk…”….I watched as he reached down, pulled up his black boxer briefs, then his jeans. Then Cameron grinned. “Damn dude,” he said looking at me and adjusting his ball cap again. He reached over, grabbed the beer he’d been drinking, and offered it to me. “Need a drink?,” he said.

Cameron and I were still drinking the long necks when Bart got back with the gas. I looked at Cameron and his face broke into a big smile when he saw Bart. Walking up with the gas can, Bart looked at Cameron and chuckled. “Hmmm,” he said, “so what have you been up to while I was gone?” “Ahhh, you know…,” Cameron said still smiling, “just getting to know Sam a little better…” “Yeah, I bet,” Bart said smiling as well, “I bet.”

Cameron leaned off the tailgate and walked around to the side of the truck where Bart was emptying the gas can into his tank. I turned to look at them, and they were talking in low voices, almost whispers. As I continued watching them, they would look at me then go back to talking. Finally, Cameron let out a low laugh, punched Bart on the arm, and said “let’s do it…”
Bart finished emptying the gas can into his tank and put the can in the bed of the truck. Slowly, he walked around the truck over to me, followed by Cameron. “So Sam,” Bart began slowly, looking right at me, “Cameron tells me you and him had a little fun while I was gone…” Cameron was still standing behind Bart, a smile on his face. “Yea, we did,” I answered Bart, a smile now on my face, “it was pretty hot.” “So I was thinking,” Bart went on, “…we both were thinking…maybe you could have some more fun…with both of us…” The idea of servicing both these straight guys at the same time was an instant turn on for me. “Sure,” I said, probably too quickly, “I’m down for that.” I saw Cameron punch Bart’s arm again. “Fuck yea,” Cameron said, “oh fuck yea!”

“I have an idea,” Bart said slowly, nodding toward the truck bed, “why don’t we get up in the bed and see what we can get in to…” I jumped up in the truck bed first, followed by Bart then Cameron. I stayed on my knees, but Bart and Cameron were standing in the bed of the truck. Bart stood right in front of me, his crotch level with my face. In the moonlight, I could see the fullness of his crotch and he already looked hard. Bart’s hand went to the back of my head, pulling me toward his bulge. He was hard, and he rubbed himself full against my face. My lips traced the outline of Bart’s jean covered cock, and he moaned low in his throat. “Ahhh…that’s it,” he said, “yeeeaaaaa, that’s it…”

Bart continued to rub himself against my face and I could feel his cock getting harder. I couldn’t see Cameron. Bart brought his hands to his belt and unbuckled. He unsnapped his jeans and slowly brought his zipper down with his right hand. I reached my hands up to pull his jeans down and his boxer brief-covered cock was now fully exposed. Bart pulled my head hard against him and I could feel the heat from his crotch against my face. I worked my tongue over his bulge and ran my lips up and down the length of his cloth-covered shaft. Bart groaned deep and held my head hard against him. I reached my hands up to the waist band of his boxer briefs and slowly pulled them down. Bart’s cock, hard and full, sprang out at full attention, slapping against his hairy stomach. With his left hand he grabbed the base of his long thick cock and brought the head down to my mouth. My tongue was out and ready, licking the pre-cum from his slit. “Ahhhhh fuck dude…,” Bart groaned again, this deeper than before. I looked up and saw Bart looking behind me, smiling. “I have an idea,” Bart said, in a low guttural voice. Not waiting for a reply, he went on. “Slide those jeans off while you’re suckin’ my cock,” Bart said. “I want Cameron to see that hot ass of yours…” As soon as Bart said that I knew what was going to happen.

I pulled away from Bart’s cock, undid my jeans, and pulled them off. The night air and the anticipation of what was coming made me shiver a little. Once my jeans were off, Bart pulled my head back to his cock. This time I opened my mouth and took half of him in. “Good boy,” Bart moaned, “fuckin’ good boy.”
I had almost forgotten about Cameron, when out of the corner of my eye I saw him move close to Bart. His jeans were unzipped and his cock was out; hard. Bart put his right hand in my hair and pulled me off his cock. With his hand still on my head he guided me over to Cameron’s cock and pushed me full down onto it. Cameron breathed in quick as his cock head hit the back of my throat. “Ahhhhh yessssss,” he groaned. I felt Bart let go of my hair and I worked my mouth up and down Cameron’s swollen rod. He pushed his cock deep into my throat, held it there with his hand on my head, and groaned. After the third or fourth time doing this, I felt hands grabbing my waist bringing me up on all fours. The next thing I felt was hard leather pushing against my left inner thigh, close to my knee. I instinctly moved my leg wider. Then the push moved to my right inner thigh, and I moved that leg wider. Bart was spreading my legs with his boot. I was concentrating on Cameron’s cock sliding down my throat when I felt something hard and wet running up and down my ass crack. Then I felt more wetness around my hole. Then Bart’s hand went to my left shoulder, held me firm, and I felt his hard cock slide into my pre-cummed hole.

I moaned loudly as Bart’s cock went balls deep into my ass. “Fuuuuck that’s tight…,” Bart groaned as he held his cock in my ass. “Dude…you’re really fuckin’ him?” I heard Cameron ask. “Hell yea,” Bart answered back, sliding his wet cock in and out of my ass. “He’s tighter than any pussy…guarantee!” Cameron was breathing hard and pulled my head off his cock. “Not yet, dude,” he said in a low voice, “I’m saving it.” With his hand still on my shoulder, Bart fucked his swollen cock hard into my ass. Now that my mouth was off Cameron’s cock, I lowered my head and moaned each time Bart’s balls slapped against my ass. “Damn bro, he’s really likin’ that,” I heard Cameron say. “I fuckin’ told ya dude,” Bart shot back, “this boy loves the D!”

Bart began to slow down his thrusts and I could feel his cock swelling in my ass. I knew he was close. Bart’s fucks were slow and deep, then sped up. “Here it comes bro…,” Bart almost yelled out, “here it fuckin’ comes…!!!!” I felt one final deep thrust and Bart’s cock exploded into my ass. “AAAAHHHHHHH FUUUUUUCCCKKKKK,” he yelled out, “FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!” The first shot hit my ass walls and went deep into my gut. This shot was quickly followed by several more as Bart forcefully emptied his balls into my hole. Over Bart’s moans and my groans, I heard Cameron. “Fuck dude…,” he said with almost disbelief in his voice, “you shot your load in his ass!” After a few more thrusts, Bart let go of my shoulder and slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. I was panting hard from the intense fuck. As he pulled out, Bart rubbed my ass cheeks. “Such a good fuck you are,” he said almost short of breath, “so good.”

With Bart still kneeling behind me, Cameron pulled my head back to his cock. Despite my intense workout, I took Cameron’s cock into my mouth, hungry for it. I quickly swallowed him all the way down my throat, my nose buried in his dark blonde pubes. “Ahhhhh fuck dude,” Cameron groaned, “eat my fuckin’ cock man…” I worked my throat muscles hard around his shaft, as I had done before when Bart was gone. Cameron’s hands held my head hard against his crotch. Then I felt another hand on the back of my head. It was Bart. His fingers were entwined in my hair, and was pulling my head and pushing it back down, on Cameron’s cock.

Cameron‘s moans were loud as both he and Bart fed Cameron‘s hard swollen cock into my throat. Then through the moans I heard Bart speak. “You got to go tap that bro,” I heard Bart tell Cameron. “You’ve never fucked anything like that.” “Yea?” Cameron answer back, “you think I should?” “Fuck yea dude,” Bart told him, “it’s all ready for ya now…just push right in!”

Both Cameron and Bart pulled my head away from Cameron’s cock, and I heard a wet slap hard against his stomach. He moved out of my eyesight, and I kept my legs spread, knowing what he was about to do. I could hear Cameron moving his feet behind me, as if he was getting into position. Then I felt his hand on the left side of my waist, and with no other warning he pushed his hard cock all the way in. Already filled with Bart’s load, my ass made no objections to his assault. Still, the no warning took me by surprise. “AHHHHH” I groaned out low, as I felt Cameron’s balls hit my ass cheeks. “Fuck duuude…,” Cameron moaned out to no one in particular, “that shit is tiiiight!”

Cameron grabbed my waist with both hands and began plowing. As good as his cock felt in my ass, I could tell he wasn’t as adept at fucking as Bart. Cameron fucked me with short quick jabs, and seemed to fuck with his whole body instead of just his ass. Still, his cock filled my ass good and made my own cock leak a constant stream of pre-cum. With my head bent down, I spread my knees a little farther apart and reached underneath me to between my legs. My hand rubbed against my tight balls, down my taint, and to my hole. I ran my fingers ran around Cameron’s thick shaft, feeling it go in an out of my stretched ass. Above me, Bart had moved to stand just over my head. I felt his hands rubbing my ass cheeks, and felt something hard against the nape of my neck. Then I felt the hardness rub down my neck onto my shoulder blade, then back up, leaving a trail of wetness. While he was rubbing my ass cheeks, Bart was also sliding his cock up and down. My own cock was hard and dripping, aching for release.

I brought my hand back up and steadied myself on the truck bed. Cameron’s fucks had become shorter and harder, and his breathing more intense. He was getting close. Above me, Bart continued rubbing his cock between my shoulders, and I could feel his pre-cum running down my back. Suddenly Cameron broke the silence. “Fuck I’m almost there man…,” he announced. “Fuuuucccckkkkk….” Cameron held tight to my waist, fucked in three more short jabs, and exploded. “JEEESSSUUUSSS FUUUUCCCCKKKK….AHHHHH SHHHIIIIITTTTT,” he yelled as his cum shot out of his cock splashing the walls of my ass. I could feel Cameron’s cock pulsing in my hole as he emptied his heavy balls. I had begun to count Cameron’s shots when I felt Bart grab my ass cheeks and groan loudly. I felt Bart’s cum, hot and wet, hit my lower back and slide down to my crack. Then, without even realizing it or touching myself, my own cock exploded onto the bed of the pickup. I was on all fours in the bed of a truck, a cock in my ass and one above me on my back, and my whole body shook as my orgasm overtook me. The intensity of it made me push back hard onto Cameron’s cock, sending it deep into my ass. I kept that position as wave after wave went through me, and finally exhausted, buckled my arms and lay on the bed of the truck.

I vaguely remember Cameron pulling out of me and falling back against the side of the truck bed. I slowly raised my head and saw that Bart had done the same. No one said a word for a long time, each of us gaining our composure. Finally, Bart stood up, pulled up his jeans, buckled, and jumped out of the bed. He was soon followed by Cameron. For a few more minutes I didn’t move. I couldn’t; I was too spent.

The ride home was very quiet, with no one talking. Bart pulled into my drive-way and put his truck in park. Cameron made no attempt to let me out on the passenger side of the cab, so Bart opened his door and his slid out behind him. I was half way to my front door when I heard Bart yell to me. “Sam,” he said, “hey wait a minute.” I turned around and saw he was walking toward me. “Dude,” he said with a big grin on his face, “I just wanna say…you’re amazing…” “Thanks,” I said, grinning back at him, “thanks a lot.” I turned and walked to my front porch. I had my hand on the door knob and was just about to go in when I heard Bart again. “Fucking amazing!” I heard him yell, just before slamming the door of his truck. I went inside, up to my room, and laid across my bed. Just then I heard a bell ding, telling me I had a message on my phone. The message was from a number I didn’t recognize. “I totally agree…totally.”